In the year of the 25th anniversary, Sorec was awarded for Excellence

Doct. Recchi, how was SOREC chosen for the award related to the NPL collection?

The Stop Secret Awards want to highlight the individual excellences that exist in the world of management and collection. In addition to spontaneous applications, the jury could have chosen to nominate those whom they felt that excelled in the individual sectors. This is the way SOREC’s candidacy was born . We chose it and strongly wanted it.

Why, did you choose SOREC among so many expert companies?

SOREC is a company in the south , and we all know how difficult it is to do business in our southern part. It is, moreover, a solid historical reality in this sector with a strong focus

and dedication right at the NPL. The jury therefore decided to reward its presence on the national market as a solid operator capable to reach the performances requested by its clients.

Doct. Ingrosso, who is SOREC and how is it born?

SOREC was founded back in 1991, when, consolidating my experience in credit management, I started the first company authorized by the Police Headquarters in Lecce to carry out the debt collection of third parties settled via extra-judicial. This small reality, starting in a small Apulian province, during twenty-five years of activity, has become strong and consolidated throughout the national territory. There were several  winning “factors”: SOREC, for example, has grown and succeeded in obtaining its successes thanks to the fact that its negotiators have always stood out for their balance, tact and determination. The twenty-five-year experience, then, has also allowed to refine appropriate psychological strategies, always in  accordance with the ethics and deontological code.

What are the strengths of SOREC?

It would be simple and obvious to say that the results, in continuous and constant improvement, are the strong points of SOREC. All this, however, is above all the result of the hard and compact work of a team of highly trained and specialized people who, over the years, have always achieved greater trust and satisfaction with the most prestigious leading companies on the market. In fact, each client is managed by a team of operators specifically trained for the type of product. We have always believed that efficiency is the result of the highest understanding between the customer’s expectations and the increasingly high-performance result obtained by SOREC. Another strong point is certainly the fact that our staff, which in various ways interacts with the processing of individual products, can rely on software that in real time mark the phases of intervention by highlighting the final results.

What are SOREC’s objectives for the year 2016?

Sorec has set a primary objective of consolidation within the “Secured”  N.P.L. for the year 2016.

Our core business, for 25 years, has been the “unsecured” collection, so much so that the Company is rightfully among those of the national magic circle. For a relatively short time , SOREC has decided to place alongside to the traditional business the  Secured N.P.L.

SOREC, in this sense, already presents itself as a commercial structure able to operate directly throughout the national territory,both because it can provide, with efficiency and versatility, numerous services aimed at all real estate funds, SGRs, public and private entities because it can diligently and accurately support the management of bank litigation with all the activities that make it possible to make the most of the properties to guarantee managed loans,thanks to the know-how of its dedicated team, which gathers professionalism with twenty years experience in the sector .Normally, experience is invaluable in any professional context.It is even crucial in the management of real estate assets, where every single reality presents innumerable variables of an economic, social, territorial and temporal nature.Understanding every single socio-economic territorial context, in its uniqueness and correctly identifying the best end-user is the essential moment of the model developed by SOREC.

The Area Managers have gained significant experiences in a specific geographical area, through an adequate connection with professionals (ex: accountants, lawyers, real estate agents, etc.), business and financial consultants, they have in-depth knowledge of the socio-economic dynamics which regulate the real estate market of the territory they are responsible for, guaranteeing the provision of services in the territory coordinating a capillary exclusive commercial structure of SOREC set up, step by step in two decades of activity, the tested operating model combines the product skills with the knowledge of the territory.

What does it mean to SOREC the conferment of this prestigious award?

This award means that the road taken twenty-five years ago was the right one and that years of sowing have brought good results. Allow me to dedicate this recognition to all our managers, employees and collaborators who every day try to make the maximum commitment always with joy and serenity. In these years they have  accepted many ambitious challenges and have always won them all together, without worrying that the next step would have been even more difficult and uncertain.