Since 2010, Sorec has directly invested  in NPL portfolios of a financial, banking and insurance nature, buying both directly from the Originators and on the secondary market. Born as an alternative project, today the acquisition activity is one of the pillars of the Company: the market is changing and the sector regulations gives us the opportunity to invest continuously.

We know how important the assigned clients are for the Transferors .This is why we pay great attention to compliance, industry regulations and quality control.

Non-performing receivables  are analyzed carefully, through the application of valuation methods based on reliable statistical models. The deep experience in the global management of this type of receivables  allows us to better evaluate the different segments of the viewed portfolios, with the aim of a mutual satisfaction between Vendor and Buyer.

Sorec can count on an NPL  internal specialized  operational division  that coordinates the entire portfolio management process, from a layout of preparatory activities , to the management of Deficit Recovery Plans, up to the activity  of recovery of credit  line. In addition, the Division scrupulously follows a strategic planning and the monitoring results of its processing.

The recovery process of our receivables  involves all the recovery lines : Phone collection, Home collection and Legal collection.

Sorec offers its own experience of evaluation and management of npl receivables  also to third parties who are interested in investing in Italy and that, and a view of sharing risk and optimizing management interests, seek a partner or a Special Servicer to whom their receivables portfolio can be assigned. Up to today , we can count on a history of years, a strong experience, established practices and a recognized professionalism.