Our history

Over 25 years of success

Sorec’ s  history  is a story  of continuous growth, marked by successes and important achievements. A consolidated reality that has become over the years a true institution in the world of credit recovery.

Founded in 1991 by Massimiliano Ingrosso, Sorec has always distinguished itself for the quality of the service that it offers.

Quality carried forward thanks not only to a marked propensity to achieve the goals, but also thanks to specific skills, professionalism, reliability, respect for people and careful institutional compliance.

The passion and commitment of the whole team, grown and strengthened over the years, have allowed us to gain the trust of the most prestigious leading companies on the market and to consolidate relationships that last over time.

The first company authorized by the Police Headquarters in Lecce to carry out credit recovery  of third party  in out-of-court life, today Sorec acts with responsibility throughout the national territory, thanks to a team of  expert operators in the processing of credits of financial, banking and insurance origin.

Step by step Sorec has completed the credit management process chain, proposing the best solutions for each debt position and acquiring new skills over the years. Because for Sorec, efficiency is the result of the highest understanding between  client’s expectations and a  highly obtained result.

Where we do business

We cover the entire national territory with a particolar attention to Europe

Sorec is a leader in the processing of Loan Receivables , banking and insurance claims. We operate in compliance with rules based on transparency, attentive to compliance with the latest privacy and anti-money laundering regulations.

Our extensive capillary network covers the entire national territory. The successes of our negotiators are the result of balance, tact and determination.

Twenty years of experience and continuous training have allowed us to see our professionalism recognized and to refine communication strategies over time, always in full compliance with the UNIREC  ETHICS AND DEONTOLOGICAL CODE