With over 25 years of experience, we can offer a debt collection service based on the quality of results and the achievement of challenging objectives. We are leaders in the processing of Loans receivables and bank credits and we also stand out in the insurance and utilities sectors. We manage the credit portfolios at 360 °, covering the entire recovery chain of possible recovery actions, with the same scrupulousness and seriousness that we adopt for the  credits we purchase directly.

We operate in compliance with rules based on transparency,more attentive to the application of the most recent privacy and anti-money laundering regulations.

Our organizational model is based on efficiency and professionalism, with an executive structure operating by processes. The experience of our employees is oriented by the type of product, or intervention methods.

The efficiency and synchronization of activities are guaranteed by a level IT platform, created to allow constant IT implementation. In this way, we can work large volumes of credits.

We are committed to always guarantee a high percentage of collection of credits  highly doubtful.

Phone Collection

The first contact with the debtor allows the phone’s operator to collect useful information in better managing  the practice, for the return of outstanding debt.

Home Collection

The meeting is necessary in order  to find the best solution, always taking into account operational procedures, customer needs and debtor sustainability.

Legal Collection

A real legal team, an internal office with specialized lawyers who perform exclusively legal recovery activities.

Due diligence

A team specialized in NPL  management. It analyzes everything concerning the search for opportunities in the market, the evaluation of packages and the management of the portfolio.


We invest directly in NPLs portfolios particularly financial,  banking and insurance nature, buying both directly from the Originators and the secondary market.


Professionalism in the relationship with debtors characterized by excellent communication skills, respect for people and a consultancy approach to debt.