StopSecret interviews Stefano Platini, Head of the NPL Division of Sorec S.r.l.

Sorec S.r.l. was a sponsor of the training seminar “The European Privacy Regulation in credit management”. StopSecret interviewed Stefano Platini, Head of the NPL Division, who talks about the new important project of the company.

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Sorec supports the champion Nfamara Njie

His name is Nfamara Njie. He is 19 years old, he was born in Gambia but has lived in Salento for some time now. Today he is a running tricolor champion athlete he  is considered one of the most promising talents of the national youth scene.

Since he arrived in Italy after a long and dangerous journey by land and sea, he  not only  found a family that took care of him, but he has also  been successful in sport . This is why Sorec believes in his extraordinary skill, enough to support him.

“On the road” project

Sorec launches a program of  field coaching   for  the operators of the office in  Lecce with the expert officials for domiciliary  recovery.

The purpose is to offer to those who work in the office a direct and personal experience of the company’s core activity, the Home collection, to increase the knowledge of the business, to carry on  the techniques of direct negotiation and to promote   internal cooperation among different corporate roles.

Tria Corda ONLUS Association

This year for Christmas, Sorec thought of a gesture of love. Instead of the usual gifts, we preferred to donate a specific  defibrillator for children to the new Pediatric Pole of Salento, it was made thanks to the commitment of TriaCorda onlus. A way to share the deep meaning of a Holiday, by paying attention to  children who must face important challenges during their life.

Sorec the winner of the "Deontology" award

Sorec the winner of the “Deontology” award for the category Debt Recovery Agency for Credits Management & Collection Awards 2017

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Christmas 2016: Sorec supports "Made in carcere"

For 2016, Sorec has thought about a Christmas characterized by the responsible and solid use of resources, allocating the funds of the usual business lunch to some local associations working on our territory.
Behind the motto Made in Sorec, the commitment and involvement of all have made it possible to organize the end-of-the-year  event in the beautiful setting of Castello Di Acaya, in Lecce.
The event was intended for team building activities , training and sharing of annual results.
Special guest of this Christmas, the Onlus Creative Workshop of the “Made in carcere” brand, supported by Sorec, who for years has been offering training programs to prisoners in  Lecce a real job placement in the creation of textile products, with the aim of promoting social reintegration and work for the women involved.

Sorec awarded at the Stopsecret Awards as a credit collection agency of the year, npl secured and unsecured sector

The Stop Secret Awards want to highlight the individual excellences that exist in the world of management and recovery. In addition to spontaneous applications, the jury could choose to nominate those whom they considered excelled in each  individual sectors.

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Brindisi-Corfu International Regatta 2015

Unity is important to form a real committed team, each in its role, to achieve the common result. This is why SOREC aims at the quality of work and life together.

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Compass Award 2014

On Wednesday March 4th, Sorec received  2014  COMPASS AWARD as the FIRST CLASSIFIED COLLECTION LITIGATION, an important award set up by Compass, dedicated to the credit recovery companies that achieved the best results in the various nonperforming receivables management activities.

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Sorec '13 - 1st International Regatta

Unity is important to form a real committed team, each in its role, to achieve a common result. This is why Sorec aims at the quality of work and life together. Closely linked aspects that create group synergy, essential for performing well in business for a company.

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Quality project - Meeting of 16/04/2013

Sorec obtains the Certification of the UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System and introduces  it to all  the employees.

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Convention 2010

Sorec gathers all its external collaborators in Lecce to share together the excellent results achieved during the year 2010 and lay the foundations for a performing year 2011.